About Us

Whatever your needs, ME MedSpa is here for you, with the latest technology for beautifying your skin in all ways imaginable.

The Experience

ME MedSpa is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We make each patient feel comfortable and beautiful with our highly personalized service. We have an experienced team of licensed medical professionals who can help you choose treatments that will provide optimal results towards your goal.

We have carefully selected the latest and best skin care and rejuvenation instruments, technology, and products that the industry has to offer in order to serve our clients to the highest degree. Each client is treated as an individual with unique needs and desires. At ME MedSpa, it is quality that is of the essence, so every client is assured personal and customized treatment that is carefully selected for the uniqueness of his or her skin care needs. You are a unique individual; there are no rules on how you should look or feel. So I invite you take some “ME” time and enjoy being you with all your features. You will be amazed at how fun it is to take the time for yourself, to re-energize and be better able to care for those you love.

Renew - Refirme - Reshape - Reduce